Golfers are a breed of overly hopeful people, and given how crazy many there are of us – it’s strange that the world has not adopted that vibe. The sensation of teeing upon first is all about opportunity and sweet victory. The ability to visualize greatness is endless. Then, of course, the first nine happen. We get a hot dog and a coffee, and suddenly anything is possible again. Nine fresh holes.

This tells us that golfers are more in the business of looking ahead than grimacing at the past. We’re pragmatic, maybe naive, but moving for sure.

This little market analysis told us, that each and every golfer is ready to get their wardrobe in order and let in some new styles. Sure, we’ve walked onto the club parking lot looking like fools for decades, but as we are so prone to facing what’s coming – forgetting these doubtful styles will be a breeze. Because, ahead – there’s a fantastic chance of getting new stuff, new styles, new outfits, new tastes, a new you.

/ Local Rule