They say, you cannot win a tournament on the first hole, but surely lose one. This truth is what unites tour pro’s with the everyday amateur.

So stepping up to the tee box, a club in hand, your friends’ trash talk lingering in the air, light-hearted joy and with the usual rush of positive anticipation – a big part of being ready, is feeling ready. Being, looking and behaving in a manner that suits you, and only you. There and then.

Style and outfit plays a huge role in this, no doubt. Because no matter what score you’re about to hit, being comfortable in your first tee essentials calls for a great day – no matter what.

We call it First Tee Essenstials.

The Company

We care enough about golf, to not accept the stuff we find in the golf shop. Sure, the world might not need another apparel brand, but hey – if we can inspire people to dress with more style and discover that timeless sweet spot of vintage classics and contemporary performance – we can rescue generations of golfers from the fashion disaster going on at most clubs today.

With super select materials and our signature loose fit – Local Rule is not only a welcomed relief for any style-conscious player out there but also a more sustainable option in the long run.


New collection launching in March

Through timeless performance wear born on Swedish fairways, we represent a restoration of golf style. Crafted in Portugal, the spring/summer 2024 is a collection of first tee essentials that will expel your current wardrobe to the recycle bin.

Timeless color schemes paired with classic silhouettes and fine materials. Not that difficult. We stay clear of joggers and migraine inducing ’sporty’ patterns. The understated look of quality, the thought-through designs, the updated vintage feel. This is the power move to bring to the first tee.

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