A new generation of players is quickly adopting the new vibe, and older golfers are joining in. The game is too great to keep wasting on so-so outfits, and we’re seeing inspiration from other sports making it into golf. A reaction born out of the fact, that most apparel offered today has the aesthetic appeal of an online casino.

This is also why we founded Local Rule, a brand and a community seeking and spreading inspiration, togetherness, ideas, and a platform for looking (and feeling) great on the first tee. Vintage style can have an impact, such as the aura of Seve or the swag of Palmer. But blended with technical innovations, contemporary designs, timeless color schemes, and silhouettes, and sourcing the best in functional materials, all coming together in our facilities in Portugal.

We make clothes. Not great, in terms of sustainability.. but, we’re committed to quickly moving up the field and joining the lead in conscious apparel. Our aim is to create timeless quality, that’ll stay in your wardrobe for years, guide our followers in repairs and care – and make sure everything can be recycled, upcycled, or repurposed at the end of each item’s life.

So, whether you’re about to break par or break 100 – the days of dorky outfits are gone. Hopefully!

Peace ✌️

/ Local Rule