In the world of fashion, some styles transcend time and become iconic symbols of an era. One such piece is Tiger Woods’ red crewneck windbreaker from the 90s. At Local Rule we love it because of its minimalistic design and it’s oversized silhouette. It’s a windbreaker that exudes an air of confidence.

Inspired by the original design, Local Rule released our very own contemporary version of this icon in 2023. Still paying homage to the original, our version has new vibrant colors, while introducing subtle updates to enhance functionality. The windbreaker comes in Moss Green, Dove Blue and Dusty Purple.

The Local Rule crewneck windbreaker features advanced lightweight materials and technologies to improve performance without compromising comfort. It is made from a recycled nylon outer layer from Italy which gives the garment durability, wrinkle resistance, quick drying and easy care.

Crewneck Windbreaker

The fabric is highly resistant to fading, even when exposed to sunlight or frequent washing. This ensures that it will keep it’s color vibrancy and does not show signs of fading over time.

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